Type B (U)


USNRC certified, USA/9365/B(U)-96 Docket number 71-9365 – radioactive material package


Copies fabricated

Initial Certificate of Conformance for resins and filters:

  • Dispersible solids, in the form of both dewatered and grossly dewatered resins and filters, contained within secondary containers.
  • The Certificate of Conformance may be amended upon request and by agreement with Robatel for other contents, such as irradiated hardware, sealed sources, etc.

Materials and mechanics

  • Stainless steel 304L, stripped and passivated for stabilization.
  • Ceramic material layer for a more reliable thermal shield.

Overall Dimensions

  • Height: 3320 mm (10.89 ft)
  • Diameter: 2587 mm (8.48 ft)

Useful Loading Dimensions

  • Height: 1956 mm (6.41 ft)
  • Diameter: 1730 mm (5.67 ft)


  • Gross weight: 41500 kg (91,491 lb)
  • Maximum load: 6804 kg (15,000 lb)


  • Maximum activity: 3 000 A2
  • Shielding: 135 mm (5.2-inch) equivalent lead thickness
  • Maximum heat load: 200W