Assembly & testing

At ROBATEL Industries, we offer you turnkey solutions. To do this, we produce and assemble all your solutions in our premises and test them to check their conformity before final delivery to your premises.

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Site operations

ROBATEL Industries has its own dedicated team for site operations :

  • Assembly and commissioning of our equipment
  • Operation in restricted areas
  • Equipment and cask maintenance
  • Technical assistance during reactor outage
  • Leak testing (COFREND 2)
  • Dismantling and decommissioning

ROBATEL Industries team has the following certifications (French standards) :

  • DATR.
  • SCN1, SCN2.
  • PR1 / PR2 (CR/RN).

Drop testing

ROBATEL Industries maintains its own drop test target approved by the ASN (French nuclear safety authority), having a useful surface of 4000 x 2500 mm
It allows for drop-testing of an object weighing up to 5 metric tons from a height of 9m (with the option to test heavier masses at lower heights)
une hauteur de chute moindre).

Our team ensures the :

  • Drop sensor collected Data post treatment
  • Validation of the computer models (Benchmarking)
  • Drop test programs and reports

Our main experimentation tools are :

  • High definition high speed camera
  • Accelerometers
  • Strain gauges
essai chute 2

Assembly and testing ARIEL Cell

In illustration, photos of the assembly and tests on our ARIEL cell, for TRIUMF in Canada.

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