ROBATEL's commitments

ROBATEL Industries is committed to respecting the environment but also to respecting people.

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ROBATEL Industries is committed to preserving the health of its employees.

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The preservation of the health of employees, external contractors and the surrounding population requires a maximum level of safety and security in the performance of our activities.

This is a matter for the group and the responsibility of each individual, which is why we are committed to:

  • The development and maintenance of a strong safety and security culture. We are proud to be among the first to be ISO 19443 certified (see certifications tab).
  • The effective deployment of the necessary actions and monitoring to combat risky or deviant situations and thus aim for "zero accidents".
  • Strict compliance with the regulations and all the requirements (standards, guidelines, charters, etc.) that apply to us and to which we have subscribed.
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Ethics Policy

Respect for people

In compliance with the labour law:

  • ROBATEL Industries is committed to equal opportunities & non-discrimination.
  • The protection of the health and safety of people is a fundamental value at ROBATEL Industries.
  • ROBATEL Industries is committed to putting in place all necessary measures to ensure that personal data is managed in an appropriate manner and in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.
Ethics Policy

Compliance of business practices

  • ROBATEL Industries complies with all competition laws and our business activities are conducted solely on the basis of fair and open competition.
  • ROBATEL Industries complies with all applicable export control and customs laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, as well as with applicable economic sanctions.
  • The support of agents, consultants or intermediaries in commercial matters may be necessary in areas where ROBATEL Industries' presence is limited or because of their technical expertise.
  • ROBATEL Industries Industries is committed to maintaining its integrity. Any form of corruption is unacceptable and is totally prohibited. It is imperative to avoid relationships and behaviours that could create real or apparent conflicts between one's personal interests and the legitimate interests of ROBATEL Industries.
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Ethics Policy

Protection of the environment

The environment is one of the axes of the Q3SER policy, steered by the QSE director and relayed by the local QSE correspondents in the ROBATEL Industries establishments.

To ensure the protection of the environment, ROBATEL Industries is committed to controlling the environmental effects and impacts generated by its activities. To this end, we are acting to reinforce :

  • Taking into account and controlling our environmental impacts, in proportion to the activity of ROBATEL Industries sites and in accordance with prefectural decrees
  • Reducing the risk linked to the use of chemical products
  • Searching for non-hazardous or less hazardous substitutes
  • Limiting the time of exposure of personnel
  • Awareness-raising of operators
  • Management of the products used and their safety data sheets
  • Management of our waste
Ethics Policy

Respect for people

In accordance with the law n° 2016-1691 of December 9, 2016 called "Sapin II" and the decree n° 2017-564 of April 19, 2017, ROBATEL Industries has set up an internal system of general alerts allowing the reporting in good faith by ROBATEL Industries employees of the following situations:

  • The serious and manifest violation of an international commitment ratified by France, a unilateral act of an international organization, a law or regulation or;
  • A threat or serious prejudice to the general interest;
  • Any behaviour incompatible with this Code of Ethics;
  • A criminal offence (felony or misdemeanour).
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Men | Women

ROBATEL Industries is committed to caring for the environment wherever the Company operates.

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ROBATEL Industries' values such as respect for the environment, equality between men and women and human rights are essential to the smooth running of the company.

Through these values, we are committed to offering a pleasant working environment to our employees so that they feel good.

We are concerned about the satisfaction of our employees and have set ourselves the objective of deepening group cohesion through company events and competitions.

Their health and safety are at the forefront and an RPS process is underway. In a male-dominated work environment, the company aims to hire more women and thus reduce the gender gap.

The company has fundamental ethical values and is committed to upholding them.


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Equality in the workplace is not only a question of social justice, but also of economic and social performance.
In order to combat some of these inequalities, a gender pay equality index was introduced on 1 March 2020 for companies with at least 50 employees.
The Index, based on 100 points, is made up of 4 indicators depending on the size of ROBATEL :

  • The gender pay gap (40 points - Not Calculable)
  • Gap in the distribution of individual pay rises (35/35 points)
  • The number of female employees receiving a pay rise in the year they return from maternity leave (15 points - Not Calculable)
  • Parity among the 10 highest earners (0/10 points).

For companies with an overall score of less than 75 points, corrective measures must be defined in accordance with article L. 1142-9 of the Labour Code.
For companies with an overall score of less than 85 points, improvement targets for each of the index indicators must be set and published.


With regard to the 1st indicator on the gender pay gap, and in order for these results to be representative, it is necessary to have a representativeness threshold equal to at least 40% of the valid workforce.
The gender pay gap is broken down by socio-professional category and by age group.
Concerning the 3rd indicator, no employee returned from maternity leave in 2023.

These indicators are incalculable for ROBATEL according to the method put in place by the Ministry of Labour.
Despite an encouraging score of 35/45 for the 2 other indicators, the maximum number of points being less than 75, the index score cannot be determined.

The gender equality index is therefore incalculable for ROBATEL Industries.

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ROBATEL Industries is committed to caring for the environment wherever it operates.

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Concerned about developing while respecting the environment, ROBATEL industries is committed to respecting ISO standards, sorting its waste and making its employees aware of the use of air conditioning.

Respect for others is the same for our employees as for our partners and customers. We make it a point of honour to ensure that our relations are as smooth as possible and that everyone who comes into contact with a member of the ROBATEL Industrie team is as satisfied as possible and has good memories of them.


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