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creysmalville demantelement

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Decommissioning of BCC and PBT Creys-Malville

Design and fabrication

  • Cutting station
  • Waste re-conditioning workshop
  • Lifting and handling equipment (supporting structure, lift beam)
    • BCC – reactor core upper plug (188 Tons and 11 m long)
    • PBT – Small rotating plug (212 Tons et 7 m diameter)
  • Steel structural elements
  • Radiation shielding
  • Hot and cold changing facilities
creysmalville demantelement 2

Scenario study for the dismantling of the Brennilis reactor block

Scenario study for the dismantling of the reactor vessel, its internals and its peripheral circuits located in the immediate vicinity, i.e.:

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  • The reactor vessel with the pressure tubes and their channel extensions
  • Channel internals
  • Heat shields consisting of lateral and axial water shields
  • The connecting pipes for the refrigeration, heavy and demineralised water circuits
  • Discharge pipes
  • Connections with control circuits (bar tubing) and control bars
  • The hot and cold pipes connected to the lanterns of the channel extensions, up to the right of the biological protection wall on either side of the tank
etude brennilis
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