Transport and storage cask

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Type B Models
Manufactured packaging
Since 1953

Development of turnkey solutions for nuclear transport

ROBATEL designed and manufactured the first French fuel transport cask for the Zoé reactor in 1953. Our engineering teams have been developing our cask expertise for more than 60 years, enabling ROBATEL to be a leading player in the design and manufacture of radioactive material casks for civil, medical and defence applications.

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Our company is specialized in type B casks for the transport and/or storage of radioactive waste of all types and sizes, spent fuel in the form of pellets, rods or assemblies, gamma or neutron sources, medical radioisotopes or samples for laboratory studies.

Our continuous development of transport casks allows us to offer safe, reliable, easy to operate and maintain products.

Our commitments

  • Design and manufacture of transport and storage cask
  • Drafting of safety files and obtaining approvals from safety authorities (France and International)
  • Turnkey supply adapted to the needs and specificities of operation.
  • Training and maintenance.

Our references

  • Compliance with IAEA SSR-5, SSR-6, USNRC 10CFR Part 71 standards.
  • ASME, CODAP building codes.
  • ROBATEL drop test station, dimensionally stable in accordance with SSG26 and compliant with IAEA SSR-6 requirements.
  • Quality system ISO 19443, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, NQA-1.
  • IP1, IP2, IP3, Type A, Type B(U), Type B(U) Fissile, special arrangements.

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