New cask of ROBATEL Industries – R79 Type B

It all started when the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG), the operator of the Petten nuclear reactor in the Netherlands, decided to transport its historic waste. More than a year of technical development, assistance in defining their needs and commercial negotiation before reaching the first contract which was signed in 2014 with this new ROBATEL’s customer – NRG. The order consisted of the definition and manufacture of 6 IP2 and Type B packaging. The objective was to transport the historical waste from the Netherlands to the repackaging center in Belgium. These casks are part of a major waste treatment project in Netherlands. From design to manufacturing, through drop tests, boiler and casting operations, the development of Fenosol foam exactly for R79, it took three years and a half to come 6 units of R79 out. The safety file was accepted and the 6 casks had left Genas (next to Lyon) in April 2018.

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