Based on our experience in the nuclear industry since 1953, ROBATEL develops and offers biological protection materials for gamma and neutron, thermal and shock absorbers.

Lead Gamma Protection (Pb)

ROBATEL develops and offers a range of neutron protections and thermal owners can be used in a wide variety of applications. Our products have been approved and tested on french nuclear sites and worldwide since the 1970s. These materials are moldable cold in all shapes and sizes and can be machined (except Compound n ° 9TM and 10TM

Neutronic and thermal protection ROBATEL CompoundTM

We have 3 production sites equipped with lead smelter with a production capacity of several thousands of tonnes per year; our accomplishments range from parts of a few kilograms to more than 20 tonnes masses. With over 60 years of experience in the work of the lead for the nuclear industry we have developed techniques and processes ensure the quality and consistency of our castings. Lead is one of the materials of the most effective for the protection against gamma radiation, thus ensuring the safety of our equipment and operating personnel.

FENOSOL TM fire protection and shock absorber

ROBATEL acquired and developed a rigid phenolic foam used in shock, mechanical reinforcement absorber, insulating and fire protection.

FENOSOLTM of ROBATEL meets all the latest requirements and safety standards for nuclear power and defence, for the protection of persons and equipment.

Very good fire – classification M1 performance

Black smoke emissions and negligible toxic – ranking F1

Contains no CFCS or HCFCS

Very little permeable to water vapour and resists moisture

FENOSOLTM is available in a wide range of standard densities ranging from 75 kg/m3 to 575 kg/m3.

At the request of specification, we study and FENOSOLTM of densities non-standard solutions.