190 years !

Adélaide Robin

In 1830, far from the Parisian tumults, the abdication of King Charles X, and the appointment of King Louis Philippe the first, ROBATEL was founded on the Quai d'Herbouville, on the banks of the Rhône river in Lyon.
Today dedicated to the nuclear industry, still owned by the founding family, the ROBATEL company was created by Pierre Buffaud in Lyon in the 19th century, starting with the design and manufacture of floating mills, steam engines, locomotives, mechanical devices for the industry, then centrifuges and centrifugal dryers; manufacturing in the meantime military equipment for both World Wars, without ever working for the occupier.
In the middle of the 20th century, Michel ROBATEL joined forces with the Lyon-based industrial plumbing company (SLPI) to found the group's nuclear activity and in 1954, ROBATEL delivered the first lead shielded cask for transporting fuel for the Zoé fuel cell (France's first nuclear reactor). The company then cooperated with the Saint-Gobain company for the development of the PUREX process, carried out the radiation shielding of the French nuclear submarines SNLE and SNA, and developed its own product lines which became our core expertise.
Proud of their history, ROBATEL's teams are enthusiastic to start this special year.