GIFEN as a new driving force for the French Nuclear Industry

Adélaide Robin

Christophe Bruneel ROBATEL Industries CEO

Last June, during the WNE 2018 event, the French nuclear industry entered into a new era of its history with the establishment of the French Industry Nuclear Energy Group (GIFEN in french). This group is composed of the main nuclear industry actors and aims to strengthen the French international leadership in this field.

ROBATEL Industries is a founding member of the GIFEN and works side by side with the main French nuclear groups such as EDF, CEA, ORANO, Framatome & ANDRA.

In the GIFEN, ROBATEL Industries will endeavor to defend the French industry SME’s interests on its territory as well as aboard. Our company aims to become a driving force of this group. This initiative is lead by our CEO, Christophe Bruneel, who was elected deputy chairman of the GIFEN.

This new GIFEN cluster confirms the position of ROBATEL Industries, which placed its expertise into the service of the nuclear industry since the 1950s. We deeply believe than this group represents an additional force for our industry and will profit to our relationship with our customers.