Ad├ęlaide Robin

After a first Basic Design order on the RECUMO project, the SCK has just placed an order with us for the following phases: detail design and execution as well as the manufacturing of the "Waste Hot Cell".

­čĹĆ­čĆ╗Congratulations to our teams for their involvement!

And thanks to whom ROBATEL registers a historic order ­čÄë

The Recumo project is a collaboration between the SCK and IRE to produce radioisotopes, nuclear particles, for the detection and treatment of cancerous tumours and for medical scans.

The production of medical isotopes also generates radioactive waste, a mixture of highly enriched uranium and chemicals to separate the isotopes.

Since its creation in 1971, the IRE has stored this waste on its site. Thanks to the Recumo project, the IRE will bring its waste to Mol, where the SCK will be able to condition it in waste drums via the "Waste Hot Cell" .

­čöťNew updates on this exciting and challenging project for our teams