ROBATEL at the 1st AGM of the European SMR Alliance

Adélaide Robin
20240531 eu alliance smr sie

🇪🇺 From 29 to 30 May, Adélaïde ROBIN, our Export Sales Engineer, had the pleasure of taking part in the first General Assembly of the European SMR Alliance in Brussels.

🤝 This event brought together key players in the SMR sector from all over Europe, with the aim of creating synergy and promoting the development of this promising technology.

Over the course of the two days, we were able to attend the presentation of the 8 workshops that will address the various aspects of SMR, from research and development to commercialisation, over the coming months.

🚀 We are particularly enthusiastic about the idea of actively contributing to this new alliance, and we are convinced that SMRs have a crucial role to play in Europe's energy transition.

👏​ Thanks to SNETP, nucleareurope and European Commission for organising this event and the alliance.