Superphénix decommissioning

Adélaide Robin

After 5 years on the dismantling project of the Creys-Malville Power Plant, the Core Head Cover Plug (CHP) was successfully extracted on 16/07/2019 and placed in the dismantling workshop!

This is a very important step in the deconstruction of this site, and a flagship operation of the project.

The CHP is 11m long, 4.5m in diameter and weighs over 188 T.

ROBATEL Industries has a strong involvement in this operation, since we are the designers, builders and installers of the equipment that allowed the extraction: intervention platform (11m long by 6m wide), extraction spreader (mass 26 T, CMU 223 T), biological protection shell (diameter 5m, thickness 50 mm, mass 12 T), support structure of the spreader and the CHP, etc. The operation itself was successfully managed by our co-contractor NUVIA Structure. The next important step will be the extraction of the Small Rotating Plug (SRP) which will take place in August 2019 (7m long, 7m in diameter, 230 T mass, and an off-centre gravity point).