Sales seminar

Adélaide Robin

On 22 and 23 January, our sales team got the chance to get together for its winter seminar!
It was an excellent occasion for everyone to get together and take stock of 2023 and prepare for 2024:
👉🏻 Taking stock of our 2023 objectives: analysing and implementing actions for those not achieved, BUT above all celebrating those achieved! 🥂
📊 Analysis of our satisfaction survey and implementation of an associated action plan.
Customer satisfaction remains one of ROBATEL industries's major concerns!
🚀 2024: implementation of a new sales strategy! With new challenging objectives in France and abroad 🌍
💙 A moment of cohesion and sharing thanks to a beautiful 2CV ride through the Beaujolais region! There's nothing like a 2CV hill start to bond a team 😉
Thank you to Diabolo Spirit for making it possible for us to enjoy this great moment together!
Well done for 2023!