Shareholder wishes

Adélaide Robin

💥 2024: a new chapter, new opportunities
This January, we had the opportunity to join together for our shareholders' and management wishes.
It was an opportunity for our Chairman, Christophe Bruneel, to take review of 2023 and to discuss the new year 2024:
🥇 Awarding of long-service medals to 3 of our employees, including 2 people with more than 35 years' experience at ROBATEL 😱
👥 Several positions to be filled at our La Hague and Genas establishments:
- To pass on the knowledge of our experts
- To increase our workforce to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers
👉🏻 To join us:
📊 Review of our 2023 satisfaction survey and presentation of the actions to be implemented.
Customer focus remains one of the company's major concerns!
🚀 Presentation of the BOOST programme to enable the company to increase its production while improving its performance indicators.
Innovation is on the way!
🔜 New news