Transportation Casks R76

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Certified by IAEA, UN No. 2917 - Highly radioactive waste in Type B (M) packages by road - ADR.

Certified by IAEA, UN No. 3329- Radioactive waste in Type B (M) packages, fissile; by road-ADR.

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Type B(M) packaging used in France for the transport of "historic" metal, mineral and organic waste, contaminated, highly and moderately irradiated.

ASN approvals for road transport of TRU technological waste.

  • Designed for transporting 2 to 5 drums from 60L to 200L.
  • Versatile inner basket with shielded lid that ensures low radiation levels for loading and unloading operations
  • Resistant to very high internal pressures allowing simplified management of radiolysis and thermolysis during transport. This model has been tested and is resistant to hydrogen explosion in the containment enclosure.
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Here are all the specifications regarding the transportation casks R76.

Main packaging dimensions:

(with covers)
  • Height: 2215mm (7.3')
  • Diameter: 2210mm (7.3')
  • Total mass (laden): 21,150 kg (44,120 lbs)

Loading capacities

  • Cavity height: 655 mm (2.15’)
  • Cavity diameter: 1,100 mm (3.6’)
  • Permissible mass: 920 kg (2,030 lbs)
  • Maximum activity: 36,000 A2 / 100 A2/kg
  • Maximum γ activity: 125 TBq (Co60 equivalent)

Biological protections:

(lead equivalent)
  • Lateral: 185 mm (7,3’’)

Certifications :

(France + Validations abroad)
  • UN 3329 - Type B(M) Fissile: ADR